The Science
Behind the Book

Groundbreaking & Internationally Publicized Research

When Prof. Segal and Dr. Elinav published their research and findings – after years of meticulous work, genuine hard science, and working with large-scale data – it created a media frenzy.

It took well established beliefs about nutrition and healthy eating, and turned them on their heads. They proved that one-size-fits-all, or universal diet programs are ineffective!

The Personalized Diet represents a new frontier of nutritional science – and here is how our authors got there…

Why do Diets Need to be Personalized?

For decades conventional “wisdom” has told us that nutrition is binary. Food is either good or bad for us. We have spent years believing this, and seeking that one, best diet for humans.

What The Personalized Diet, and the research behind it, has proven that there is no answer to the question of the perfect diet, because it is the wrong question.

People are different. And the research into personalized nutrition has shown that we respond to the same foods differently. Diets designed to do something specific – such as controlling your blood glucose levels – are often similar. But these specific diets, may in some people achieve the exact opposite of what they were designed to do.

You’ll find plenty amazing stories just like this one in The Personalized Diet

The huge differences in the rise of blood sugar levels among different people who consumed identical meals, highlights why personalized eating choices are more likely than universal dietary advice to help people stay healthy.

Prof. Eran Segal

Why Measure Blood Sugar?

Your blood sugar and insulin make up a complex system that responds to every food you choose to eat, and to lifestyle activities like exercise and stress. This system is responsible for maintaining stable levels of blood sugar, which is crucial for metabolic health. Large spikes in blood sugar promote weight gain, hunger, and chronic disease, like diabetes or obesity.

When we eat, our bodies break down the carbohydrates in our food, which are then absorbed from our intestine into the bloodstream, raising our blood sugar or blood glucose levels.

This postmeal blood glucose is the ultimate food feedback response, and it’s what Prof. Segal & Dr. Elinav chose to track in their research (and it’s what the book can teach you to track to develop your own personalized diet).

Depending on what someone ate, they could accurately and consistently measure what that meal did to their blood sugar over time. But the one consistent thing that came out of their research was that people’s postmeal blood glucose responses were unique!

For example, one participant could have completely balanced blood sugar levels after eating a banana, while another’s levels could be driven off the charts.

You’ll find plenty amazing stories just like this one in The Personalized Diet

Track Your Responses on Our App

We’ve created an app that:

  • Help you track your post meal blood sugar responses
  • Remind you when to test & help you stay organized
  • Store & score your responses to a database of 10,000 foods
  • Analyze all that data, so you can create your personalized diet

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The Universe Inside Your Gut -
and why it’s important

In your gut, right this minute, there are 40 trillion microbial cells and up to 1,000 different microbial species! In fact, the cells in your gut bacteria approximate the total number of your own cells. If you were to go by cell count alone, you would be only about half human.

The microbiome is an ecosystem of trillions of bacteria living inside your body. Bacteria that have their own DNA, with about 200 times the number of genes that you have. We don’t yet know what most of these microbial genes do, but this is what makes it an exciting new area of research.

What we do know about the microbiome is that it has a major effect on weight, health, and blood sugar responses. Your gut microbiome exists in your digestive tract and help you digest food – it’s influenced by what you eat and in turn affects your response to different meals. Which is why it matters so much.

The other thing that makes the microbiome so important for personalized nutrition, is that everyone’s is unique. Through their research, Prof. Segal & Dr. Elinav were able to establish a connection between the unique microbiome and unique postmeal blood sugar responses.

They were able to integrate all the data they collected during their research, into an algorithm that can predict someone’s blood sugar response to certain foods based on their personal parameters and microbiome signature. With this amazing algorithm they were able to successfully predict and prescribe personalized diets to anyone!

After the study was completed, the Weizmann Institute of Science licensed the algorithm developed by Prof. Segal & Dr. Elinav to a company called DayTwo.

DayTwo will sequence the DNA of your gut microbiome and, using the algorithm, provide you with a personalized nutrition app.

The Personalized Diet is Science-made-accessible

In this book, you will learn:

  • The science behind the current health crisis facing the developed world
  • What you thought you knew and why it’s wrong
  • What the big deal is about your microbiome
  • How blood sugar works
  • How to personalize your meals
  • How to manipulate your blood sugar levels with dietary and lifestyle hacks
  • How to create your own personalized diet