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White bread or whole-wheat? It may depend on your gut

As a popular staple, bread is consumed by billions of people around the world.

But while most nutritionists recommend whole-wheat bread over white bread, one new study suggests that the type of bread that is best for you may have more to do with your own body than the bread itself.

In the study, published in Cell Metabolism, 20 people ate either sourdough whole-grain bread or refined white bread for one week. After a two-week break, each participant switched breads for another week. Both breads had the same amount of carbohydrates.

The researchers measured weight and blood pressure, and performed other blood tests before and after each bread type was consumed, but they didn’t find any significant differences in these indicators for the breads studied.

In other words, in terms of health outcomes, it didn’t matter whether white or whole-wheat bread was consumed.
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